ITS 2013 workshop, St Andrews, Scotland, UK, Oct 6, 2013

Libraries have embraced the recent explosion of digital content and no longer are simply warehouses of physical books. Today's libraries are gathering places that are challenged with enabling collaboration, accessing and exposing physical and digital collections, and supporting the creation and integration of new forms of knowledge.

Interactive surfaces in libraries support moving away from text-dominated search interfaces; the nature of direct interaction encouraging the integration of graphics, spatial interaction with information, and the possibility adding input to the system. Additionally, surface technology enables the interactive presentation of information to individuals or groups.

This workshop aims to provide a venue for collaboration and discussion on the successes and pitfalls already encountered in working in with interactive surfaces in library spaces bringing together researchers, designers, and practitioners.


If you would like to participate in the workshop, please submit a 2 page position paper to by August 26th. Please see our call for participation for more details.

Workshop Goals & Topics

The goal of this one-day ITS 2013 workshop is to cross-fertilize insights from different disciplines, to establish a more general understanding of interactive displays in library contexts, and to develop an agenda for future research directions in this area. Rather than focusing on paper presentations, this workshop aims to trigger active and dynamic group discussions. Potential topics for discussion include but are not limited to the following questions:

We see this workshop as an opportunity to build a strong research community around interactive surfaces in library spaces and fuel future research agendas.

For more details on the workshop please refer to our workshop proposal.